The Importance of Annual Check-Ups and How to Get the Most Out of Them

Getting an annual check-up with your primary care physician is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Those regular check-ups can identify burgeoning health problems before they become serious. For example, you may discover you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure and can start making changes to bring them down – rather than waiting until you have a heart attack to find out about the problem. Regular check-ups can also help you build a strong partnership with your East Mesa doctor for your health.

To get the most out of your annual check-up, you can start by actually showing up for the visit. Scheduling it doesn’t count. You need to actually go, and be prepared. Here are a few more things you can do to get the most out of that appointment:

Man getting annual checkup with his East Mesa Family Doctor

Bring Notes

It’s important for your doctor to know your medical history. If you had an abnormal pap smear in the past, that can make any abnormalities on future tests even more concerning. If your grandmother had colon cancer, it may be necessary for you to get screening earlier, especially if you experience digestive issues.

Your East Mesa doctor can’t make the best choices for your care if they don’t know about your history (including your family history). Make notes about your medical history and family medical history to bring to your appointment. Once that information is on file with your doctor, you won’t have to go over it again. But you need to present complete information to set a good base line.

Make a List of Questions

You may have a lot of questions you want to ask your doctor in Mesa. You may think that you will remember the questions, but it is unlikely that you will once you are in the office, perhaps feeling a little nervous, and thinking about the questions you are being asked.

Spend some time thinking through your health issues and the things you want to ask your doctor before your visit. Write those down, and bring the list with you to refer to during your conversation.

Talk about Medications and Supplements

During your visit, your doctor is going to ask you about medications and supplements you are taking. Provide a thorough list, including all the names, the dosage, and when you take it.

Don’t skip anything! You may not think that it’s important to report what vitamins you take to your doctor, but it is. Any vitamins or supplements you are taking could have an impact on your health, and they can have side effects and interactions with medications. It’s important that your Mesa doctor knows about them.

Share All Concerns

Share any concerns that you have with your East Mesa physician. Don’t leave things out because you feel like the issue has to be seen by a specialist. Your physician may actually be able to handle the issue, and if they can’t, they need to know about it so that they can refer you to the right person.

Don’t hold back your concerns because you are worried about seeming like a hypochondriac, either. Your concerns are valid. Don’t dismiss them until you have had the chance to talk about them with your doctor, who can put your fears at rest if they are not problems.

Be Honest

Your Mesa doctor is going to ask you questions about your lifestyle, such as whether you smoke, how much you drink, and whether you exercise. You might be tempted to lie to make yourself look better. But you need to be honest.

It’s not going to help your doctor if you tell them you don’t smoke when you do or tell them that you exercise five days a week when you barely walk around the block. Your doctor needs to know what’s really going on in your life to affect your health to know how to treat you. If you lie, you are only going to hurt yourself.

Getting your annual physical can help you stay healthy and enjoy a better quality of life. You don’t have to wait until you are sick to see a doctor in Mesa. You can help prevent sickness and enjoy greater vitality. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your annual visit.

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