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East Mesa Family Doctors is a local gynecology doctors office that provides thorough and efficient gynecology services for patients throughout East Mesa and the Valley. As a top rated gynecology doctor in East Mesa, we provide a variety of women’s health services and gynecology services including routine gynecology exams, mammogram management, dietary and nutrition guidance, pap smears and management of abnormal pap smears, family planning services, menopause services, and more! Consult with our gynecology physicians today to learn more about the services we provide and to schedule an appointment at East Mesa Family Doctors.

East Mesa Yearly Gynecology Exams

Routine Gynecology Exams

East Mesa Family doctors provides routine gynecology exams to help promote health and safety among women throughout East Mesa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Mammogram Management

The doctors at East Mesa Family Doctors are equipped to order your mammogram and help manage irregular or abnormal mammogram results to ensure the most thorough and precise care.

East Mesa Womens Health Clinic

Dietary & Nutrition Guidance

Get the best dietary and nutrition guidance from top rated, qualified doctors at East Mesa Family Doctors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

East Mesa Pap Smear Services

Pap Smear

When you need a routine pap smear near you in East Mesa, visit East Mesa Family Doctors. We provide pap smears for women throughout the Valley as well as abnormal pap smear management.

East Mesa Birth Control and Family Planning Services

Family Planning

Family planning is an essential part of women’s health, and at East Mesa Family Doctors, our Mesa doctors can provide you with the best birth control and other family planning options.

East Mesa Menopause Management


The menopause doctors at East Mesa Family Doctors can help make your transition into this stage of life smooth and comfortable with the best health care in East Mesa.

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For quality, trusted gynecology doctors near East Mesa, contact East Mesa Family Doctors today to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted physicians.


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    The Importance of Annual Exams

    Annual gynecological exams are essential to maintaining the health of all women. Having an annual exam is important because vigilant screening can help identify abnormalities early and ensure that you can have them taken care of as soon as possible. They are helpful for catching potentially dangerous diseases before it’s too late, allowing you to manage them with the proper care.

    Annual gynecological exams should begin as early as thirteen years old, although more thorough exams including pap tests and pelvic exams won’t begin until age 21. Seeing your local East Mesa gynecologist is important to maintain your health and catch dangerous illnesses in their early stages.

    What To Expect During Your Annual Exam

    If you are unfamiliar with the procedures of an annual gynecological exam, East Mesa Family Doctors is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease. During your annual exam, you can expect some of the following procedures:

    • Health History
    • Address Any Questions You May Have
    • Measurements & Vital Signs
    • Breast Exam
    • Pap Test

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    Our Health Services

    Our Health Services

    If you are in need of a top rated family doctor near East Mesa, visit East Mesa Family Doctors for quality, trusted family doctors who can provide you with a variety of health services. Our goal at East Mesa Family Doctors is to provide you with the best family health services including:

    • General Office Procedures
    • School & Sports Physicals
    • Labs & Vaccinations
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • On-Site Lab Services
    • On-Site X-Ray
    • On-Site Pharmacy