Child Wellness Checks and the Importance They Serve

Your school-aged child needs to go to the doctor at least once a year for a check in. These wellness checks are like the same annual visits you have for yourself. They give your doctor an opportunity to check you over and ensure that you are in good health and to talk to you about any potential health concerns. Child wellness checks serve the same purpose. They also allow the doctor to build a relationship with your child that will build trust and make your child feel better about getting essential health care.

When your child is a baby, these wellness checks are more frequent. But they soon move to an annual basis. Here’s what to expect:

Doctor with a Kid in Annual Check

What’s Included

A well child check in Mesa will include a lot of what your annual doctor visit includes. The pediatrician will check your child’s vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Your child’s height and weight will be taken, and depending on your child’s age, the circumference of the head may be taken.

The pediatrician will check your child’s developmental milestones, either through asking you questions or by assessing them personally. For example, your doctor may ask your child to skip or to name colors. The pediatrician will then perform a full physical exam, looking over the body for signs of abnormalities, such as swelling, rash, lumps, and so on.

From birth to age five and then at age 11 and again at age 17-18, your child will also be getting vaccinations during these visits. Typically, a nurse will come in to administer these shots after the doctor orders them.

Screenings and Questionnaires

Your child may be subject to several screenings, depending on age and personal needs. For example, your child may have an annual vision and hearing screening, starting at five years old. These screenings are designed to detect trouble in the early stages so that your child can get hearing aids or glasses to ensure proper learning.

Your AZ pediatrician may also screen your child for autism around 18 months or two years old. The screening involves a survey that will review developmental skills and behaviors to check for warning signs of autism. This survey is not conclusive and is only meant to offer guidance to your doctors. If children are found to be at medium or high risk from the survey, your doctor will either follow up with additional screening or refer you to specialist for review.

Other Aspects of the Visit

Your doctor will talk with you about your child’s nutrition and sleep habits, and will offer feedback and advice where needed. Your pediatrician will also ask about the family dynamics and your child’s behavior. Besides assessing your child’s physical health, your pediatrician is also concerned with your child’s emotional and mental health. The doctor will ask questions to determine if there is any cause for concern at home or at school. If any issues are uncovered, your doctor may refer you to a specialist, such as a family counselor or a tutor.

Taking your child to an annual well visit is just as important as ensuring that you go to your own annual exam. Even if you get busy or just forget and fall off schedule, you should make the appointment as soon as possible. Don’t use the delay as a reason not to go. These annual visits are essential for ensuring that your child is healthy and happy. Think of your doctor as your partner in caring for your child and ensuring that he or she is as well as possible. You want the best for your child, and so does your doctor.

East Mesa Family Doctors treats the whole family. You can schedule a child wellness visit with a pediatrician or an annual for yourself – possibly even in the same day. Our team works together to keep your whole family healthy, and we offer the services and scheduling to make it easier on you. We know that you have a busy schedule, and we try to remove those obstacles to ensure that you get the health care you need. Call us today to schedule a child wellness visit or to schedule other services for yourself or others in your family.

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